I am a PhD candidate at the INRIA Paris’ Cambium team, under the supervision of François Pottier.

My research interests are in deductive verification and programming languages. I am working on using the Iris framework in Coq for the verification of Ocaml programs.

I graduated with a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Oxford in 2023 and a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique in 2022.

Research Experience

I completed my masters thesis under the supervision of Prof. Nobuko Yoshida and Dr. Lorenzo Gheri on the mechanisation of MultiParty Session Types.

During my undergraduate I worked as a research assitant at the Trustworthy Systems group at the University of New South Wales (formerly Data 61). I worked on the Pancake language, helping boostrap a formally verified compiler for it.

I also worked with Prof. Pierre-Yves Strub on the formalisation of ideals in commutative algebra.

I did my undegraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Lutz Straßburger on retrieving formulaic structure from arbitrary graphs through Modular Decomposition.


Email: remy.seassau@inria.fr